Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season

For those that need Safe Sport Training, here is the information document on how to Access/register for the training so that it will be reported to USBC.   Click Here.

Results for the 700 Tournament,  Women's and Open Tournament are available on the ARUSBC Tournament Page.  

2020/2021 Youth Tournaments entry forms can now be found on the ARUSBC Youth page.

Youth Bowlers the Star of Tomorrow and the Louise Bentley Sportsmanship Award deadlines have been extend until April 15th.

COVID-19 Protocols for Tournaments

All COVID-19 Protocols that have been announce by the Governor of Virginia will be followed and enforced.

Tournament Host Centers have additional protocols that have been outlined by there local health districts that will be followed and enforced.

No Balance Holes Started August 1st

The rule eliminating balance holes in bowling balls took effect Aug. 1, 2020, the start of the 2020-2021 bowling season.  The rule states all holes in a bowling ball must be used on every delivery; any hole not used is considered a balance hole, making the ball illegal.

Bowlers who do not use their thumb no longer can have a thumb hole, as it now is considered a balance hole.  They also need to mark their ball to show where they place their palm on delivery.

Click here for a FAQ on balance holes and gripping holes.

USBC youth Age Division Change

The maximum age for USBC Youth Membership will be 18 starting Aug 1, 2020.

The decision to lower to the maximum age from 20 to 18, with agreement from the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and the International Bowling Campus Youth Committee, was announced last year and will align bowling with other youth sports.

Click here to read more and for FAQ


Keep updated with some of the latest rules from USBC on our Rule Page.  Current rules on the page include Cleaning Bowling Balls, Youth New Age Requirement, and Bowling Ball Balance Holes.  Click here for Rules Page.