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New Rule about cleaning bowling balls went into effect on August 1, 2019.

Rule 18 - Bowling Ball - Altering Surface  (More information click here)

While bowling in USBC competition, a bowling ball cannot:

 a. Have the surface altered by the use of an abrasive

 b. Be cleaned with any liquid substance or cleaning agent

 c. Have any foreign material on it including, but not limited to, powder, rosin, marker or paint.

All bowling balls so altered or cleaned must be removed from the competition.  Note: Should a foreign substance appear on the outer surface of a bowling ball which cannot be removed with a dry towel, an approved cleaner may be use with consent from a league or tournament officer.

Commonly Asked Questions - Rule 18.

18/1 When may I alter the surface of my bowling ball?

You are permitted to sand, polish or clean the surface of your bowling ball prior to the start of the competition.  However, once tournament or league play begins, altering the surface of a bowling ball is strictly prohibited.   This includes balls that have not yet been introduced into play.

18/2 A tournament consists of doubles and singles events.   The singles event is bowled first immediately followed by the doubles.  Can I "alter the surface of" my bowling ball between events?

No.  Rule 18 does not all the outer surface of any bowling ball to be altered after the start of the competition.  Since the tournament is conducting singles and doubles concurrently, you cannot alter the surface of the bowling ball between events.

18/3 Can a bowler use an abrasive, cleaner or polish on just the track or only just a portion of the track of the ball?

No.  USBC specifications require that the entire surface of the ball be prepared in a uniform manner.  Preparing the surface of a ball in any other manner would be a violation of Rule 17a, Item 1.  the penalty for a violation of this rule can include disqualification forfeiture, removal from the league, and/or suspension of USBC membership.

Q1 Does the start of competition include the practice/shadow ball session?

No.  The start of competition is defined as the point the first ball is thrown by any participant for score.

Q2 Can products such as "easy slide" or rosin from "puff balls" be removed from the surface of the bowling ball through the use of a dry towel, so that the bowling ball is considered legal? (Whether applied to the bowling ball directly or through transfer from the hand to the bowling ball.)

Bowlers are permitted to used powder or rosin on their fingers or thumb.  However, when applying properly, no residue should be transferred to the outer surface of the ball.  Altering the surface of the ball does not have to be an abrasive.  Altering the surface of the ball would be applying any product on the outer surface of the ball or into the finger holes directly.

New Rule - 18 & older bowlers bowling with Youth Bowlers (17 and under).  

Any individual 18 years of age or older must complete SafeSport's Core Center for SafeSport prior to participating in the league that has at least one youth bowler.  Training is required for those who have regular contact with minor athletes.   This does not apply to tournaments since tournaments are not a competition that has regular matches.  SafeSport policy requires this to be a yearly training, in which after the initial training only the refresher course needs to be taken.  SafeSport training is free to USBC members and should be access from the following page:,_SafeSport_Training/