January 2020

Wayne Shawl

December 2019

Eva Flowers

Corey New

November 2019

Bradley Moye

Sara Pat Troch

October 2019

Claudia King

September 2019

B.J. Jackson

2018-2019 Season

July 2019

Virginia Hayes

June 2019
Muriel Rathien

April 2019
Dell Staton Jr
Dusty Vaden
Johnny Davis, Sr

March 2019
Dwain Simmons
Albert Mathias
Joyce Palfi

February 2019
Damian Young
Grady Ashmore

January 2019
Grady Thompson

December 2018
Robert L. Booth
David Shelton

November 2018
Gidget Sprouse 

September 2018
Randy A. Bailey
Ruth T. Barber
Mildred C. Fox

August 2018
Sis Charette


When our bowling days are over and our work on earth is through
There’s a golden lane that waiting for all bowlers tried & true.
All the pins will fall like feathers on those lanes among the stars.
And we’ll enjoy again the friendship of those bowling pals of ours.
Yes, we’ll find the bowling easy;  we’ll pick up all the spares,
We’ll all roll over 200, when we climb the golden stairs.
We’ll strike with little effort, no taps, no splits or reason to complain
Bowling with our friends again on
Heaven’s Golden Lane.

Contact the association manager (Mary-Ann Keyes, with name of any current or former ARUSBC members who have passed away.   Their names will be entered into the ARUSBC Memorial Legend and VA State USBC Memorial Legend

Thank You

ARUSBC Board of Directors